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AMBruno presented new books made to the subject/theme of 16, which was explored and developed in whichever direction wished, at the 16th International Contemporary Artists' Book Fair at the University of Leeds (8 to 9 March 2013).

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AMBruno also presented the 16 books in AMBruno: Books in dialogue at the Bristol Artists Book Event (BABE) at the Arnolfini Gallery (20 to 21 April 2013).

AMBruno also presented the 16 books at Baltic Artists Book Fair at the Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art, Gateshead (15 to 16 June 2013).

There were 19 books by artists on the theme of 16.

Brimstone Almanac by Louise Atkinson

Louise Atkinson - Brimstone Almanac (2013)

Louise Atkinson - The Brimstone Almanac The book takes the form of a cyclical flexagon, a square panel book that continuously unfolds to reveal one of four pages, each made up of four sections, totalling 16 sections. Drawing on alchemic and hermetic beliefs in the meaning of numbers and their magical properties, The Brimstone Almanac also references the atomic number of sulphur, which is also 16. Unlimited edition.

NB by Karen Blake

Karen Blake - NB (2013)

Karen Blake - NB
NB, in three volumes:
Folio two tears one fold 16 pages.
Quarto one tear two folds 16 pages.
Octavo one sheet three folds 16 pages.
Digitally printed, hand finished. Paper, card, and pencil. Edition of 20.

From intention to delivery by Sara Dell'Onze

Sara Dell'Onze - From intention to delivery

Sara Dell'Onze - From intention to delivery explores the mathematical side of nature and what part numbers play in the process in nature.

Raabenstein #16 accidental audiovisual book by Manya Doñaque

Manya Doñaque -
Raabenstein #16
accidental audiovisual book

Manya Doñaque - Raabenstein #16 I attended a lecture at which I was given a sheet of music paper - I decided to randomly combine this with textiles, maths, writing, and graph paper; referencing the chance procedures of John Cage and the Raabenstein #16 wave sound I produced an accidental audiovisual book. Mixed Media and CD. Edition of 20.

SUNNY f16 at SIEPI by Kathryn Faulkner

Kathryn Faulkner - SUNNY f16 at SIEPI

Kathryn Faulkner - SUNNY f16 at SIEPI In photography, the Sunny 16 rule is a method of estimating daylight exposures without a light meter. The basic rule is that on a sunny day, set aperture to f/16 and shutter speed to the ISO film speed in direct sunlight. The book is made using the rule with photographs taken at Siepi, our Italian home, which include at least one dog in each frame. Edition of 5. 16 hand-printed silver gelatin prints from 6 x 7cm negatives. Linen taped and stitched, painted cardboard covers and printed text.

Sixteen Hands High by Judy Goldhill

Judy Goldhill - Sixteen Hands High (2013)

Judy Goldhill - Sixteen Hands High Galloping through the horizontal pages, paper streaked with black ink, the photographed polo ponies move across framing bands of vision. Movement through the stillness pushes the photographic image, making visible such fleeting moments and proposing mutant visions. These double-headed centaurs move as one. French fold binding. Edition of 25. Made by Book Works.

S16 by Barbara Greene

Barbara Greene - S16 (2013)

Barbara Greene - S16 16 is the atomic number of the element sulphur. Known for 2000 years, important in medieval alchemy and essential for all living things, sulphur, or brimstone, has curious properties. Mixed hand print techniques: screen print, drypoint, monoprint and stamp. Edition of 5. Japanese stab bound.

e•mer•gence I & II by Jane Grisewood

Jane Grisewood - e•mer•gence I & II (2013)

Jane Grisewood - e•mer•gence I / e•mer•gence II The drawings express the shortest time in which I can create a mark - the second - the base unit of time. Selecting 16, a random number, to determine duration, process and format instigated a chance element, while paradoxically creating a measured and predetermined framework. Edition of 32 each. Printed and bound by Book Works.

Birds & beasts, a story in XVI linocuts by Joanna Hill & Sarah Hill

Joanna Hill & Sarah Hill -
Birds & beasts, a story in XVI linocuts (2013)

Joanna Hill & Sarah Hill - Birds and Beasts: A Story in XVI linocuts A bound series of 16 linocuts, hand-painted with watercolour ink and adorned with gold and copper leaf. Inspired by a medieval bestiary, the book is centred around the image of a tree, and the doves that feed on leaves and berries, and the dragons that sit in wait. Japanese stab binding. Edition of 160.

1-16% by Julie Johnstone

Julie Johnstone - 1-16% (2013)

Julie Johnstone - 1-16% A distilled contemplation of the accumulative shifts in perception arising during the reading process. Edition of 16. Inkjet on watercolour paper.

Le style Louis XVI by Sharon Kivland

Sharon Kivland -
Le style Louis XVI (2013)

Sharon Kivland - Le Style XVI A small catalogue of Louis XVI furniture, which makes rapport between style and revolution, furniture and its naming, femininity and the neo-classical. The ambience will be welcoming, despite its sobriety and whiff of the Terror. Edition of 25. 6 duotone photographic plates tipped in by hand.

16/sixteen by Sophie Loss

Sophie Loss - 16/sixteen

Sophie Loss - 16/sixteen Children's games, Brueghel, 16 characters maybe an alphabet.

In-octavo by John McDowall

John McDowall, In-octavo (2013)

John McDowall - In-octavo In France new books were often sold untrimmed. In-octavo reproduces parts of the first three pages of Alain Robbe-Grillet's novel Dans le labyrinthe. Only the fragments of text glimpsed, as if the leaves of the uncut sixteen-page signature were teased apart, are printed. Once the book bound, the folds are torn open. Open edition. 16 pages. Inkjet print. Sewn signature.

Lovecut by Rachel Marsden

Rachel Marsden - Lovecut (2013)

Rachel Marsden - Lovecut presents 16 short (lived) stories, 16 snippets of dialogues from past encounters, past relationships and past loves of the artist between 1999-2012. Edition of 8.

Sweet Sixteen Portraits by Valérie Mary

Valérie Mary -
Sweet Sixteen Portraits (2013)

Valérie Mary - Sweet Sixteen Portrait consists of 10 black and white portraits of young girls turning sixteen in 2013. Printed on acetate, they first seem indistinguishable and fleeting images of hybrid faces, until the page is turned and the portrait brought to life for a few seconds. They reflect a moment in adolescence when one discovers and plays with one's own potential. Edition of 20. Japanese side-binding.

Exercise Toward Exactitude by Christian Nyampeta

Christian Nyampeta -
Exercise Toward Exactitude:
A proposal in 16 postures.

Christian Nyampeta - Exercise Toward Exactitude: A proposal in 16 postures. A personal journey through the hinging of the body. Sixteen postures toward an informative accuracy. A rehearsal toward radiant living.

July Thigh by Victoria Simpleton

Victoria Simpleton - July Thigh

Victoria Simpleton - July Thigh A constraint-based typographical arrangement of 16 rhyming words.

16 Dada Heads by Cally Trench and Philip Lee

Cally Trench and Philip Lee -
16 Dada Heads (2013)

Cally Trench & Philip Lee - Sixteen Dada Heads To celebrate the start of Dada in 1916, we present Sixteen Dada Heads based on, inspired by, or completely tangential to Dada. They include our reinterpretation of Marcel Duchamp's Rrose Sélavy, Raoul Hausmann's Mechanical Head, and George Grosz's Republican Automatons, featuring Cally Trench and Philip Lee as models, photographers, and designers/interpreters. Digital prints on watercolour paper with collage and drawing.

It was Iris by Julie Westerman

Julie Westerman - It was Iris

Julie Westerman - It was Iris Over several hundred years hurricanes have been given men's and women's names. The use of these makes the ruination all the more personal. When a hurricane has been so cruelly destructive that a recurrence of its name would be too painful, the name is retired from the list. The book tracks the paths of the hurricanes names that have been retired in the last 16 years.

AMBruno: Sixteen  at Leeds

AMBruno: Sixteen at Leeds
Photographs: Rachel Marsden

AMBruno: Sixteen  at BABE

AMBruno: Sixteen  at BABE

AMBruno: Sixteen  at BABE

AMBruno: Sixteen  at Baltic

AMBruno: Sixteen at Baltic
Photograph: Theresa Easton

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