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Established in 2008, the artists' coalition AMBruno facilitates the development and dissemination of the book as primary medium in art practice. The initiative was originated, and is overseen by Sophie Loss. The makeup of the group changes with every new project. A unique feature of this initiative is that books are produced to a set theme for each annual project. The final works may be diverse in form and approach, but all have the thread of the originating topic running through.

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Proposals for new books to be made in response to the given subject are invited; a specialist in the field makes a selection of about twelve of these. Examples of past themes are: Black Circle, Words, Margins and rhythm; selections were made by Catriona Gourlay, Regine Ehleiter, Clive Phillpot and others.

The completed books are shown at Fairs and exhibitions throughout the year, with books being acquired by institutional collections such as Tate Library and Archive, National Art Library V&A, Kunstbibliothek, Berlin and the Library of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

The group's work has evolved to incorporate film/video and suites of prints

AMBruno Show and Tell  at Tate Britain, 2017

AMBruno: Show and Tell at Tate Britain, 2017

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