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Ximena Pérez Grobet

Ximena Pérez Grobet, founder and owner of Nowhereman Press, has been creating her own artist's books since 1994. Her work has been shown in galleries, book fairs and museums throughout Europe, USA, Mexico and Latin America.

She also collaborates with other artists and collectives, producing artists' books and special editions.

She is the director of Artists’ Books for Artists, receiving commissions from other artists to turn their projects into books.

She has worked as an editorial designer and in art book production in various publishing houses around the world.

ash by Ximena Pérez Grobet

Cover by Ximena Pérez Grobet

Ximena Pérez Grobet, Cover (2018)

Cover (2018) is part of AMBruno's Cover collection. This book plays with the idea of the cover, what is it for and the word dis-cover. When you open a cover you discover the book. This book is made of only covers with shows the content of the book closed and the series of covers become the content of the book, playing with a geometrical vision of all the covers all together.

Edition of 50. Digital printed. Signed and numbered by the artist.

Words by Ximena Pérez Grobet

Ximena Pérez Grobet, Words (2016)

Words by Ximena Pérez Grobet

Words by Ximena Pérez Grobet

Words by Ximena Pérez Grobet

Words (2016) is part of AMBruno's words collection.

“The word is possible considering the space of the letter”. X.P.G.

Words are not only letters, their order and their space are as important to make words possible. This book shows this idea by setting the same letters of the poem in every page, in order to appreciate the space they occupy in the word and in the page. The poem refers with its own words the importance of this concept.

Cordenons wild white 150 gm paper. Typeset and letterpress printed by the artist at Granja Gráfica Studio, Barcelona. Bound by Poncho Martínez. 30 copies signed and numbered by the artist.

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