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Wrapped and Encased 2008

Wrapped and Encased was an exhibition of envelopes as containers and messengers, curated by Sophie Loss and Mary Yacoob, held as part of the 2008 Artists' Book Fair, Liverpool.

Fifty-three artists participated: Francisca Aninat, Oliver Bragg, All Brain And Ana Efe, Matt Blackler, Marco Calí, Ambra Caminito, Dawn Carey Jones, Barbara Crawford, Anka Dabrowska, Sara Dell'Onze, Claire Dorsett, Gin Dunscombe, Gemma Cumming, Margaret Fletcher, Cat Forward, Mark Gallay, Nat Gillespie, Judy Goldhill, Jane Grisewood, Hammer A Nail, Lucy Harvey, Barry Hobson, Holestar, Noe Kidder, Kasia Kwiatkowska, Philip Lee, Heidi Locher, Verónica Pérez Karleson, Jane Lim, Sophie Loss, Kate Lynch, Sarah Males, Rachel Marsden, Paul Matosic, Rachel Overfield, Steve Perfect, Waldemar Pranckiewicz, Kate Russo, Lorna Robertson, Jodie Sadler, Hana Sakuma, Aine Scannell, Seekers Of Lice, Veronika Spierenburg, Abigail Thomas, Rachel Travis, Cally Trench, Matthew Verdon, Matthew Wells, Kay Williamson, Mary Yacoob, and Charlotte Young.

The exhibition took place at Wolstenholme Projects Creative Space, 11 Wolstenholme Square, Liverpool, 5-16 November 2008.

It included performances by Jane Grisewood & Carali McCall, and Sara Dell'Onze.

Video documentation by Sara Dell'Onze on YouTube: Wrapped and Encased.

A sample of the work included is shown below (photographs below by Barry Hobson).

Stitches by Aine Scannell

Aine Scannell, Stitches
Relief print (lino cut) on Chinese
scroll paper, with red wool
stitching. 8 x 10in.

Jane Grisewood

Jane Grisewood and Carali McCall, Line Dialogue II
(2008) One-hour performance drawing.
Graphite and charcoal.

Wrapped and Encased - installation shot

Wrapped and Encased
Installation shot

Moot Project 2: The Bureau by Hammer A Nail

Hammer A Nail, Moot Project 2:
The Bureau

Open by Sarah Males

Sarah Males, Open (2008)
Paper. 11.5 x 16.2 x 5cm.

Miss by Rachel Travis

Rachel Travis, Miss (2007-8)
Ceramic print. Various dimensions.

Letter to 'Ingland' by Hana Sukama

Hana Sukama, Letter to 'Ingland' (2008)
Ten letters delivered from Japan to England. Envelope size.

Wrapped and Encased - installation shot

Wrapped and Encased
Installation shot

Performance video book by Sara Dell'Onze

Sara Dell'Onze
Performance video book (2008)

Theatre of Objects by seekers of lice

seekers of lice, Theatre of Objects (2008)
Card, wax, paper, rubber, glue, canvas.
5 x 38 x 28cm.

Foot Reading by Waldemar Pranckiewicz

Waldemar Pranckiewicz
Foot Reading (2008)
Drawing. 27.7 cm x 19 cm.

White IV by Philip Lee

Philip Lee, White IV (2008)
Paper, card, plastic, wood, body paint,
acetate. 20 x 15cm.

Rejection by Paul Matosic

Paul Matosic, Rejection
(1980 - 2008)
Paper. Variable dimensions.

Nellie Hobson's Letter Tree by Barry Hobson

Barry Hobson
Nellie Hobson's Letter Tree
Paper correspondence and annotations.

Untitled by Verónica Pérez Karleson

Verónica Pérez Karleson, Untitled (2008)
Chinese ink and white pen on envelope.
16 x 23cm.

Margaret Fletcher and Abigail Thomas

Margaret Fletcher
and Abigail Thomas

Marco Calí

Marco Calí (2008)
Ink on paper. 22.9 x 15.2cm.

Doormat Protection by Lucy Harvey

Lucy Harvey, Doormat Protection (2008)
Mixed media, 12 x 14 x 3 cm

Envelope Garden by Steve Perfect

Steve Perfect , Envelope Garden (2008)
Mixed media. 22.9 x 16.2cm.

Untitled by Anka Dabrowska

Anka Dabrowska, Untitled (2008)
Pencil and watercolour on envelope.

A Collection of Letters Towards a Collaborative Project (in progress) by Sam Aldridge, Matt Blackler and James Pancheri

Sam Aldridge, Matt Blackler and James Pancheri
A Collection of Letters Towards a Collaborative Project
(in progress)
Paper, ink, envelopes. Variable dimensions.

Letter From Gran by Cally Trench

Cally Trench
Letter From Gran (2008)
Cotton fabric and silk
embroidery thread.
30 x 39cm.

Burma by Jodie Sadler

Jodie Sadler
Press cutting, envelope.
13 x 14cm.

Charlotte Young

Charlotte Young

In Elevation by Judy Goldhill

Judy Goldhill, In Elevation (2008)
Photograph. 290 x 410mm.

Lost Lines: Return to Sender by Jane Grisewood

Jane Grisewood, Lost Lines: Return to Sender (2008)
Graphite, ink, card and postage stamps.
Envelope 10 x 15 x 1cm. Postcards 8.8 x 13.8cm.
Photo: Jane Grisewood

Voices in the Night by Barbara Crawford

Barbara Crawford, Voices in the Night (2008)
Digital print on paper. 20 x 27.75cm.

roots of love by Ana Efe

Ana Efe and All Brain, Ubiquity (2008)
38.5 x 32cm. Photo: Anna Efe.

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