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Books: My artist books are semi-autobiographical, reflecting on my work within multidisciplinary fields in Sri Lanka, my native country and the UK, my adoptive country. Within the work the process of making is as important as the 'finished' article, and serendipitous elements are often incorporated in the end product. Slight variations on the theme generate 'unique multiples', blurring boundaries between the artist/artisan, orient/occident and the past and present.

Hybrid printmaking techniques (lithography, kiln fired screenprint decals, etching, aquatint, drypoint, monoprint, chine-colle, collagraphs, mezzotint,) and stitch are combined with Computer Numerical Controlled methods (e.g. laser, engraving etc.).

Often several narratives unfold within the hidden spaces of the book as a detachable or magnetic spine allows the book to convert from a 'codex' like format to a leporello structure. The editorial control is usually transferred between author and reader by invitation to re-arrange the sequence of events/pages, by addition/subtraction, inscription/erasure.

Sumi Perera received an MA Book Arts from Camberwell College (2004), previously training as a doctor and scientist (MBBS, MSc and MPhil). She is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Painter-Printmakers, Royal Society of Designer Craftsmen, Member of the Society of Graphic Fine Arts and the 62Group.

She has work held in public collections: Tate Britain, V&A Museum, Yale Centre for British Art; and has won several international awards: Gold Medal-International Bookarts Competition, Seoul (2005); Birgit-Skiold Award - Excellence in Bookarts (2005); 1st Prize-Shelter-USA (2008) SCU Award - Australia (2009); Best Overall Book Design (NPB) - Society of Bookbinders International Competition (2009); 1st Prize Drawing for Design-Rootstein Hopkins Foundation - Draw 2011.

XXX pcs Ag [30 pieces of Silver]
 (iv) by Sumi Perera

Sumi Perera - XXX pcs Ag [30 pieces of Silver] (iv) (2013)

The 2013 James Joyce commemorative coin features a misquoted sentence from Ulysses. Reflecting on the validity of storytelling, in this print, the quote has been replaced with an anagram of another Joyce quote: 'A man of genius makes no mistakes. His errors are volitional and are the portals of discovery'. XXX pcs Ag [30 pieces of Silver] (iv) is part of AMBruno's I'm telling you stories. Trust me collection of limited edition prints. Etching, aquatint and embossing.

Top 10 WCC  by Sumi Perera

Sumi Perera - Top 10 WCC (2014)

Sumi Perera, Top 10 WCC (2014)
Who selects the Top 10?
Ten loose pages depicting ten vintage white collars can be arranged to form a book of white-collar crimes (WCC). Lists of ten criminals, ten prosecutors, and ten cinematic (both fictional and non-fictional) depictions of these crimes are provided as 'tags' to cut up and re-insert so that the editorial control is handed to the reader to re-sequence the criminals, their sentences and prosecutors. In rearranging these crimes, the reader is asked to speculate on different outcomes in alternative circumstances.

DIY kit to complete the book with dust jacket [etched embossed sleeve with a stitched mezzotint print]. Hardback: Edition of 10, price £100. Paperback: open numbered edition, price £50. Hardback: loose pages of mezzotints depicting ten vintage white collars & fragments of text on Somerset paper 300g. Paperback: 10 pages of digital scans of mezzotint etchings & fragments of text on Somerset paper 300g.

Top 10 WCC is part of AMBruno's Lists etc collection.

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