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Books: My art is an enquiry into the relationships between aesthetic properties, embodiment, and meaning. I am intrigued by the idea of the codex as an interface with 'virtual reality', and, as such, restrict the extent to which I play with its expected form or materials; to date all my books have a spine on the left, and contain images and words on paper. My other work in photography and video influences my approach to sequencing and the idea of the image as a 'frozen moment'.

Rachael Hand: I am based in Sheffield, UK, at Bloc Studios and Access Space Fablab.

I hold a degree in Medicine from the University of Sheffield, and a BA in Creative Art Practice from Sheffield Hallam. I have an interest in cross-disciplinary collaboration, and have worked on projects with university researchers from a variety of disciplines.

I have work held in collections in the UK and internationally: University of Maryland in Baltimore, Leeds College of Art, University of Central Lancashire, Wirral Metropolitan College, Brigham Young University, USA, Sheffield Hallam University, Edith Cowan University, Australia, Liverpool John Moores University, and Kwantlen Polytechnic University, Canada.

ash by Rachael Hand

Rachael Hand - ash

ash is part of AMBruno's [sic] collection. ash n. powdery residue left after the combustion of any substance; remains of human body after cremation. A meditation on our relationship with objects in our current era, and the question of what we will leave behind. Edition of 15. Digital print; laser cut, etched and engraved binding cloth and card. Assembled, painted and bound by hand.

B Should be Scarlet  by Rachael Hand

Rachael Hand - B Should be Scarlet

B Should be Scarlet is part of AMBruno's Red collection. Paper is an interface where a complex interplay between sensation and meaning takes shape. At first there is no distinction between movement and trace; drawing and writing; the letter 'b' and the colour in which it is drawn. In this book, the acts of showing and telling, seeing and knowing are intimately intertwined. Open edition. Digital print; bound by hand.

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