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Books: I have always been interested in books as artefacts and our attachment to them, even if they sit on our shelves untouched for years, waiting to be called upon to answer some impulsive urge. Artistsí books can be anything you want them to be. This allows artists working in 2D to become sculptors. Images and text contained in a book can be artworks in their own right, yet when folded and sewn together can create something new and distinct.

Peter Rapp: My aim is to make work that is visually engaging yet challenging, and which tries to reflect the age in which we are living. My starting point on any project is to make drawings and sketches and build up ideas from what comes out on the page. As a printmaker, the final work is usually an etching, relief print or a screenprint.

[WIMOWEH] by Peter Rapp

Peter Rapp - [WIMOWEH]

[WIMOWEH] is part of AMBruno's [sic] collection. Solomon Linda created 'Mbube' (The Lion) in 1939. Pete Seeger recorded 'Wimoweh' after (mis)hearing it. It was later appropriated and repackaged as 'The Lion Sleeps Tonight' by the pop music industry. Linda received no royalties in his lifetime; his family only started receiving royalties in 2006 after a protracted lawsuit. Edition of 20. Accordion format book of etchings.

The Communist Manifesto by Peter Rapp

Peter Rapp - The Communist Manifesto (2013)

The Communist Manifesto is part of AMBruno's Red collection. The Communist Manifesto is one of the most iconic political tracts in modern history. It is presented here in the manner of an illuminated manuscript for the twenty first century.

The Unicorn by Peter Rapp

Peter Rapp - The Unicorn (2013)

The Unicorn is part of AMBruno's I'm telling you stories. Trust me collection of limited edition prints. This is one of a series of linocuts inspired by The Book of Imaginary Beings by Borges. It is a retelling of the bestiary and the stories that inspire it. My linocut attempts to give life to the many stories that the unicorn has inspired from Pliny to the Faerie Queen, through da Vinci and Borges.

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