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Books: Drawing systems are a central part of Mary Yacoob's work. In the main, these take the form of ink and graphite on paper, but also printmaking, floor vinyl works and artist books. She uses the form of a book to explore notions of serialism and sequence, order and chance, system and poetics, and the tension between the singular image and structure. As such, books, the action of turning pages back and forth, the context of a title page and index, a binding that most simply contains and complements the contents, are a way for her to explore themes in her wider practice.

A-Z In Letters by Mary Yacoob

Mary Yacoob - 'i and j' in A-Z In Letter
Ink on Basildon Bond letter paper and envelopes.
Unique piece.

Mary Yacoob was one of the recipients of the Bookartbookshop 10 year anniversary prize, has made books for commissions (Circ Interventions) and for exhibitions (Galierie8), has been published in group book projects (What is an artist book by Modern Language Experiment, and the A Serious Game issue of 20x20 magazine). Her books are in the collections of the Tate Archive, Chelsea College of Art, and London School of Communication.

Mary Yacoob appropriates visual languages from architectural plans, geological maps, diagrams, and alphabets. Some of her work involves documenting the minutiae of daily life in diagrammatic form. In other work, she creates works about architectural and city spaces that reconsider representations of urban planning and public art through proposals for often unrealisable interventions. Her panopticon project, which incorporates drawing, photography, vinyl floor pieces and etching, explores the architecture and geometry of surveillance and power.

Mary Yacoob studied at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, and at Cass School of Fine Art, London Metropolitan University. Solo exhibitions include the Centre for Recent Drawing, the Anzac Centre, Seven Seven Gallery and Westland Place Gallery. Group shows include Galerie8, PayneShurvell, Guest Projects and OVADA. In 2011 she was artist-in-residence at the printmaking department of Camberwell College of Art.

Propositions for Artworks by Mary Yacoob

Mary Yacoob - 'Neon Light Installation'
in Propositions for Artworks
Laserjet prints on paper and acetate.

Notation of 10 Minutes by Mary Yacoob

Mary Yacoob - 'Words Heard Whilst Turning
Dial on FM Radio for 1 Minute #2'
in Notation of 10 Minutes
Edition of 50. Laserjet prints on paper.

Circ Interventions by Mary Yacoob

Mary Yacoob - 'Spy' in Circ Interventions
Edition of 1000. Laserjet print on paper.

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