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Books: A book is a mechanical device produced to carry words. A writer will have in mind the fact that her or his work will take up that form which has been developed over centuries: sheets of paper bound into one volume. The size, number of pages, format, etc are pre-determined so that even before a single word is put down, that physical entity has an effect on the author, editor, researcher and so on.

All this is transferred to the reader, who will consume books in a haphazard series, making very personal, unique and subjective connections in what is a life-long process.

Of course books are also a common cultural experience: one that not only connects to our intellect, but also to our physical selves - back to that predetermined number of pages, format, weight, and so on.

The artist books that I produce take these facts as a basis for sculptural experiences of what it is to create and consume a book.

Ape by Marco Calí

Marco Calí - Ape (2013)

Ape , part of AMBruno's I'm telling you stories. Trust me collection of limited edition prints, is the third in a series that take Aesop's tales and run amok. 3-colour screenprint on Somerset Photo Rag 300gsm.

54:44-54:47  by Marco Calí

Marco Calí - 54:44-54:47 (2014)

54:44-54:47 is part of AMbruno's Stills collection of limited edition prints. As the camera pans, a recreation of a historical moment is shown in the 1968 film The Charge of the Light Brigade. Different time frames are present, that of the moving image, that of the film itself, that of the actors, the historical event being re-created, the setting used in filming, and so on. Screen print on 300gsm Somerset Rag

Erotic Letters   by Marco Calí

Marco Calí - Erotic Letters

Erotic Letters, part of AMBruno's Lists etc. collection, are two complementary artworks that present an archeology of erotic writing. Passages from well known books, such as Tropic of Cancer, Fanny Hill, The Story of O, form a new narrative of passion and desire in which the writing remains as ink on paper. Hence a form of drawing, creating a world of images and ideas, is experienced as the eye traces the words. Open edition. Two giclée prints on photo rag.

No Exit Lines  by Marco Calí

Marco Calí - No Exit Lines (2013)

No Exit Lines is part of AMBruno's Lines collection. The book as theatre, placed square before you. Open each cover, curtains unveil the scene, first left and then right. A set of instructions revealed, a colour hue whispers for each part. You are actor, director, producer, audience. The drama begins. Open edition. Giclée print on 300gsm photo rag.

Ipso Facto by Marco Calí

Marco Calí - Ipso Facto (2009)
Acid-free paper, glue, ink.
Edition of 10.

Romantic Novel by Marco Calí

Marco Calí - Romantic Novel

Romantic Novel is part of AMBruno's One-Fold Books collection. Opening a novel is (usually) the mechanical process of coming between two characters as they long for each other. Only when you close the book do the two come together again. Edition of 50. Giclée print One-fold book.

Marco Calí

Marco Calí - No end and a beginning.

Parables by Marco Calí

Marco Calí - Parables (2010)
Card, paper, glue.

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