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Books: There is a relationship with image and narrative in my practice of book making.

The narrative opens the story or the premise. You then view the following photographs with that text in mind.

Although I have a humorous side in my book Super Hero Washing Line, it is also about making the fantastic, prosaic.

Lydia Julien

I am a visual artist and performer

And I am here:

Super Hero Washing Line by Lydia Julien

Lydia Julien - Super Hero Washing Line (2012)

Super Hero Washing Line is part of AMBruno's Lines collection. It is a prosaic look at the washing lines of fantasy characters. After battling in crime fighting sagas of epic proportions, the washing hangs crumpled and clean in the bright sunlight, ready for the next time. Edition of 8. Perfect bound.

Be Quite! by Lydia Julien

Lydia Julien - Be Quite!

Be Quite! is part of AMBruno's [sic] collection. Using photo-collages and stencilled text, it explores the play on words, mistakes and inaccurate meaning. Known as homophones and heterographs, this stems from an argument how '40' should be written. Who was rite? I was right. Confusing, unintentionally amusing, the mistakes appear fore all two sea. Edition of 16. Paperback bound book of 24 pages.

5A (The Temporary Object of My Affection)
  by Lydia Julien

Lydia Julien -
5A (The Temporary Object of My Affection) (2014)

5A (The Temporary Object of My Affection) is part of AMbruno's Stills collection of limited edition prints. In finding boxes of negatives over 20 years old, an obsession with characters are shown through still after still after still. Often totally seduced with the actor or actress, in shooting the image there was a thick layer of infatuation, yearning to be in the space next to them. Black & white photographic fibre print

Monday  by Lydia Julien

Lydia Julien - Monday

Monday is part of AMBruno's Lists collection. Through multiple devices, viewing pornography is almost effortless. Monday has proved the most popular day to access porn. The mutability of images is constantly shifting and changing, there are hundreds of categories and collections within collections. The book Monday explores the situation when the objectified, hyper-sexualised, fetishized body is removed and only the space remains. Edition of 10. Perfect-bound book.

Faith by Lydia Julien

Lydia Julien - Faith (2013)

Faith is part of AMBruno's I'm telling you stories. Trust me. Taking the line 'I'm telling you stories. Trust me' quite literally; I am interested in children's emotions as they read books. They go on a journey of faith with the writer, and in a particularly grim tale the reaction is often unfiltered, mouths smile or lips curl, eyes widen. Woodblock print.

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