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Books: For me, the magic of artists' books is the way they hold ideas together in a narrative form. They may contain images or words or both, but they always tell a tale which cannot be expressed in any other way. They are not sculpture but can be sculptural, they are neither prints nor paintings yet may hold both. They are a reaction to the world around us, using the artists' eye to form a unique response.

Linda Parr: I am a writer and artist living in Wiltshire. My work is often inspired by literature, I enjoy close reading as an artist. I have an MA in Multidisciplinary Printmaking from the University of the West of England, and the Meir Agassi Book Art Prize. I am co-organiser of collaborative projects including World Book Night at CFPR, and my artists' books are held in national and international collections.

Linda Parr, Covers

Linda Parr - Covers


The book has no cover. The cover is the book, which is formed by the cover. A double gate-fold of paper opens to uncover twin inner signatures whose pages explore the use of the word 'cover'. The simplicity of the book emphasises both the cover and the uncovering.

Edition of 18. Twin inner signatures. Inkjet-printed.

Covers is part of AMBruno's Cover collection.

Life A Listener’s Manual  - Linda Parr

Linda Parr - Life A Listener's Manual

Life A Listener's Manual

When we read, our minds automatically translate the written words into mental images, which come into focus through personal imagination and knowledge. Our processing is through visual association, which becomes our way of seeing. This physiological emphasis on the optical can lead to other parts of the message being side-lined.

Georges Perec wrote La vie mode d'emploi in 1978. It was translated from French into English by David Bellos and published as Life A User's Manual. Perec was a member of Oulipo; his work explored constrained writing techniques and this new book for AMBruno adds the constraint of Volume. The proposal for AMBruno Volume invites consideration of the quantity or power of sound. This concept provides an opportunity for an entirely new and different close reading of this classic book, allowing editing and retelling of the tale. It is now our ears that can hear and interpret character, plot and atmosphere.

Size 19 x 13 cm. 44 pages plus cover. Printed on Claro Bulk 150gsm [pages] and Claro Silk 350gsm [cover]. Creased covers. Perfect bound. Edition 20. £25

Life A Listener's Manual is part of AMBruno's Volume collection.

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