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Books: My books for AMBruno have used the moment and tension of Red, words and [sic] to act as a pivot and explore the movements around those words. Red looked at the tension and catastrophe around Hölderlin's literal translation of Antigone. Words used chiasmic sentences constructed out of various reports of climate disaster. Written in the irreal tense to try to impart a speech-geist and exorcise an associated awe of text, these words disappear as viewers thumb the page. My recent book for AMBruno, 3174 [m] [10469.03 ft] [drillcore], is in response to the proposal [sic]. This book was the result of a writer's residency I undertook last year, and tries to present a disassociated landscape of the world as it was written as it is being re-written.

Katarina Kelsey: I am an artist and writer working in London. Having studied at Byam Shaw School of Art and an MA in Book Arts at Camberwell College of Arts, my work now explores landscape within its language.

My work looks at the impact use of language can have, either through its physical presence or disconnected possibilities of gaps and wound making in translation. I am currently researching the indirectly inhuman languages of organic and inorganic materials in an attempt to narrate landscape. I am particularly interested in the lived experience and structures of time around perceptions of language, the comparison between millenarianism and current end of the world fears or desires, and the impact landscape can have on this.

3174 m [10469.03 ft] [drillcore] by Katarina Kelsey

Katarina Kelsey - 3174 m [10469.03 ft] [drillcore]

3174 m [10469.03 ft] [drillcore] is part of AMBruno's [sic] collection. 2016 is the year the International Commission on Stratigraphy declared the Anthropocene measurable in the rock; the book explores the written narrative of the earth as it was written in the year it is being re-written. Edition of 15. Linoprint in oil. 30x30cm pamphlet.

Sprachgeist by Katarina Kelsey

Katarina Kelsey - Sprachgeist

Sprachgeist is part of AMBruno's words collection. Sprachgeist is language's ghost, the ghost's power naming language. Sentences (chiastic) will be erased using oily hands. None are mine. Words, taken, really are poltergeists.

Antigone notes by Katarina Kelsey

Katarina Kelsey - Antigone notes

Antigone notes is part of AMBruno's Red collection. Looking at Hölderlin's translation of Antigone, this book focuses on his disruptive translation of what is usually translated as bad or troubling news to 'red word'. Red, on the cusp of all to happen in Antigone, is realized through the book in Hölderlin's fragments, as shards and catastrophe.