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4th Manchester Artists' Book Fair 2008

AMBruno's first ever artists' book fair was The 4th Manchester Artists' Book Fair, which took place in the Sir Kenneth Green Library and Holden Gallery, Manchester School of Art, Manchester Metropolitan University, All Saints Campus, Oxford Road, Manchester (7 November 2009), coordinated by Emily Speed.

Artists Book Fair Liverpool 2008 Blog

AMBruno presented seventeen books - one each by Marco Calí, Nancy Campbell & Paula Naughton, Sara Dell'Onze, Claire Deniau, Ana Efe, Francesca Galeazzi, Judy Goldhill, Jane Grisewood, Heather James, Anna Johnson, Philip Lee, Heidi Locher, Sophie Loss, Penny Matheson, Steve Perfect, Cally Trench, Alvin Watt, and Mary Yacoob.

Liverpool Artists' Book Fair 2008

This was closely followed by the Liverpool Artists' Book Fair, at Wolstenholme Projects Creative Space, with books by the same artists. The fair took place at 11 Wolstenholme Square, Liverpool (15–16 November 2009), and included an exhibition of envelopes as containers and messengers: Wrapped and Encased, curated by Sophie Loss and Mary Yacoob.

Poster for Artists’ Book Fair, Liverpool

Bibliophile by Marco Calí

Marco Calí
Bibliophile (2008)
Cloth, greyboard, acid-free paper, glue.
26 x 16 x 4cm.
Edition of 10. Signed by the artist.

After Light by Nancy Campbell & Paula Naughton

Nancy Campbell & Paula Naughton, After Light
Variable Dimensions. Mixed media: photographic
slides and paper printed with archival ink contained
in a custom-made slide-box.
Edition of 10. Signed by the artist

Sara Dell'Onze

Sara Dell'Onze
Ink on paper and video
Book: Unique edition. 20 x13cm. Video: edition of 5
Signed by the artist.

Performative mono-prints and video exploring
reality and emotion.

Objets de Désir by Claire Deniau

Claire Deniau,
Objets de Désir
Paper, acrylic paint, ribbons. 15 x 11cm.
Unique piece. Signed by the artist.

A collection of
Objects of Desire.

Roots of Love by Ana Efe

Ana Efe, Roots of Love
A5. Handmade edition of 10.
Signed by artist.

A story of onion sprouting
representing the way we handle love

Things you can do with icebergs by Francesca Galeazzi

Francesca Galeazzi, Things you can do with icebergs
Digital print on photographic paper. Drawings on
acetate. 13 x 13 cm. Edition of 20. Signed by the artist.

A tale of environmental awareness though the eyes of

Evanesce by Judy Goldhill

Judy Goldhill, Evanesce
Fine art prints. 295 x 220mm.
Edition of 5. Signed by the artist.

A sequence of fragmented images
held in an obscured mountainscape.

Remnant I by Jane Grisewood

Jane Grisewood, Remnant I (series I-VIII)
Wax, pigment and string over painted canva.s
1 x 8 individual handmade book blocks.
Approx 18 x 14 x 4cm.
Canvases torn into individual 'pages' and reconfigured
into 3D 'book' blocks, bound with string and wax.

Love Lies Bleeding by Heather James

Heather James
Love Lies Bleeding from the Ill Angels series
Paper 3D structure
14 x 14cm max. Signed by the artist.
Origami lily featuring observations,
source material and artwork images.

Monoprints by Anna Johnson

Anna Johnson, Monoprints
Inkjet on paper. 20.5 x 29.5cm.
Edition of 40. Signed by the artist.
Book featuring a series of monoprints.

White III by Philip Lee

Philip Lee, White III
Bound photographs, 300 x 108mm
Edition of 10. Signed by the artist.

A flipbook animating part of one
of Philip Lee's live body performances.

Suicide Blonde by Heidi Locher

Heidi Locher
Suicide Blonde: Dyed by her own hand
Inkjet on fine art paper, 30 x 30cm
Edition of 5. Signed by the artist.

The dark side of addiction.

Francesca's first husband was an inept lover so she hung his photo over her second matrimonial bed by Sophie Loss

Sophie Loss, Francesca's first husband
was an inept lover so she hung his photo over
her second matrimonial bed

Silkscreen on paper, 30 x 15cm
Edition of 16. Signed by the artist.

The Wanderers by Penny Matheson

Penny Matheson, The Wanderers
Inkjet printed on paper.
16 pages. 15 x 21cm.

The stories of people who
have moved countries by choice

Wind Flowers by Steve Perfect

Steve Perfect
Wind Flowers
Photographic monograph.
148 x 105mm.
Unlimited edition.

Eleven Views of Fiona's Washing Line by Cally Trench

Cally Trench
Eleven Views of Fiona's Washing Line
Photographs on paper, 11 x 9 x 3cm (folded up)
Edition of 11. Signed by the artist.
Zigzag book of photographs of a washing line
through the seasons.

Improvised drawings of characters by Alvin Watt

Alvin Watt
Improvised drawings of characters
Prints on paper.
21 x 29.5cm.
Signed by the artist.

Propositions for Artworks by Mary Yacoob

Mary Yacoob
Propositions for Artworks
Laserjet prints on paper and acetate, 29.5 x 21cm
Edition of 500. Signed by the artist.
Drawings on newspaper images proposing large
scale installation art works.

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