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AMBruno showed new books with the object/subject of a solid Black Circle at the London Art Book Fair 2011, held at The Whitechapel Art Gallery (21 to 23 September 2012). The project brief was devised by John McDowall.

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The entire Black Circle collection was bought by Leeds College of Art Library.

Judy Goldhill won the Birgit Skiöld Award at the London Art Book Fair for Excellence for her Contingencies of Light (Dark, the darkest I dare to go). The book was donated by The Birgit Skiöld Memorial Trust to The National Art Library Collection at the V&A Museum, London.

There were thirteen Black Circle books by thirteen artists:

void-ances by Karen Blake

Karen Blake - void-ances (2012)

Karen Blake - void-ances Once we knew what place meant. Now we are not so sure. To understand this, I tracked round and round in circles trying to create voids in the landscape. GPS generated wayward waymarkers. The results, no voids, just fresh places. Digitally printed. Edition of 5.

suggested ways to get rid of a black circle by Claire Deniau

Claire Deniau -
10 suggested ways to get rid of a black circle (2012)

Claire Deniau - 10 suggested ways to get rid of a black circle A playful suggestion on how to deal with an uncomfortable situation. Digitally printed. Open edition.

circles found solid black by Manya Doñaque

Manya Doñaque - circles found solid black (2012)

Manya Doñaque - circles found solid black For this book I used my camera phone to take photos whilst walking in my most immediate surroundings. The structure and sequence of the book was determined by the size of the found black circles and container. Edition of 5.

PUPIL by Kathryn Faulkner

Kathryn Faulkner - PUPIL

Kathryn Faulkner - PUPIL My starting point was the optics behind the human eye and photographic lenses and how they open up and shut down in response to light. I used appropriated photographs and diagrams to make the images and enjoyed the play on the word pupil in relation to learning. Edition of 50. Pigment inks. Hand sewn.

Contingencies of Light by Judy Goldhill

Judy Goldhill -
Contingencies of Light:
Dark, the Darkest I Dare to Go

Judy Goldhill - Contingencies of Light: Dark, the darkest I dare to go By this shaft, in a journey, grains of light are scattered and gathered, condensed, the sum and sun of darkness is cast as light, through the holes of these telescopes on a sky island. Text by David Alan Mellor. Hardback blocked cover. 204 x 275mm. Edition of 12. Made by Book Works.

Venus Transit by Barbara Greene

Barbara Greene - Venus Transit (2012)

Barbara Greene - Venus Transit 6 June 2012 Stars and planets generate a sense of awe and wonder. This flicker book refers to the recent recorded movement of the planet Venus as its shadow crosses the sun. Edition of 24. Silk screen print with surface print. Japanese stab binding with linen thread. Carbonundrum slip cover.

Black Light by Jane Grisewood

Jane Grisewood - Black Light (2012)

Jane Grisewood - Black Light Black Light reflects on the experience of observing a recent solar eclipase through a fragmented sequence of photographs and text. As the moon passes over the sun, light is obscured ... interrupted ... absent. A temporary darkness occurs where the light is black. Concertina format. Edition of 30. Printed and bound by Book Works.

Name code draw - Three ways to describe a place by Joanna Hill

Joanna Hill -
Name code draw:
Three ways to describe a place

Joanna Hill - Name Code Draw: three ways to describe a place uses place names, grid references and abstract shapes to describe seven mountains and one lake in Cumbria. Inkjet print on Snowdon bookpaper. Japanese stab binding. Open edition.

Mes Mouches by Sharon Kivland

Sharon Kivland - Mes Mouches (2012)

Sharon Kivland - Mes Mouches Usually a beauty spot is a lesion caused by melanocycotic nevus, but sometimes it is applied as a 'mouche' in velvet or silk or as makeup. I have selected from my collection of photographs of women, adding an inked beauty spot. Edition of 100. 21 b&w photographic illustrations.

Body Black Circle by Philip Lee

Philip Lee - Body Black Circle (2012)

Philip Lee - Body Black Circle A black circle pushes the naked performance artist Philip Lee off the page to subvert his persistent nudity and replace it with its sophisticated abstraction. The humorous juxtaposition of flesh and graphics suggests two disparate art discourses at odds. Edition of 10. Concertina format.

O-I by Sophie Loss

Sophie Loss - O-I (2012)

Sophie Loss - O-I
Squeezed idea but dancing. How a solid black circle becomes a line. Edition of 25. Sewn pamphlet.

Atramentum by John McDowall

John McDowall - Atramentum (2012)

John McDowall - Altramentum A materiality of language is made manifest by notionally pooling the ink of the printed text of Robert Burton's The Anatomy of Melancholy. The work's words are reproduced as a solid black circle and laid out as a new book. Open edition. 144 pages. Perfect bound.

Conception of a Work of Art by Valérie Mary

Valérie Mary - Conception of a Work of Art (2012)

Valérie Mary - Conception of a work of art I have used the black circle as a punctuation sign, followed by its derivatives, to explore the dream of a language without words, yet able to express the inexpressible, to represent the indescribable that constitutes the ctreative process and the experience of a work of art. Open edition. Digitally printed

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