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Books: I find the sequential nature of book form very satisfying. An extended surface for transmitting visual and written information can offer an artist the opportunity of using the space as a narrative or a record of sequential events.

My theme has been science and civilisation in a very broad sense. Books have obvious connections with the subject - sculptural form and the tactile quality of the papers, with the smell of printing inks adding to the invitation to pick up and investigate the work.

S16 by Barbara Greene

Barbara Greene - S16 (2013)

My books usually adhere to the traditional page plan. They are handmade, using various hand-printing methods: screen print, etching, drypoint, and sometimes digital. I tend to make editions of up to 5 copies.

Depending on the subject, my preference is for monochrome, and my books tend towards abstract images with simple construction.

I am aiming for near minimalist elegance, but often deviate.

Barbara Greene: Originally trained as a biologist and science manager, I transferred from The Open University to The Crafts Council as Deputy Director. On moving to Yorkshire I retrained with a BA (1st) in Textile Print Design and an MA in Fine Art Printmaking.

My preference is for 3D work and I make sculpture and installation as well as books.

Venus Transit by Barbara Greene

Barbara Greene - Venus Transit (2012)

Venus Transit, which is part of AMBruno's Black Circle collection, refers to the 2012 images of the planet Venus crossing in front of the sun. The book is a flip book intended to convey movement. Edition of 24. Silkscreen print with surface print. Japanese stab binding with linen thread. Carbonundrum slip cover.

Making Red: Rubia Tinctorum by Barbara Greene

Barbara Greene - Making Red: Rubia Tinctorum

Making Red: Rubia Tinctorum is part of AMBruno's Red collection. Rubia Tinctorum is the Latin name for the plant known as Dyer's Madder. Of enormous significance this plant can produce colours in a large range of reds, oranges and browns. The book references the history and uses of this plant, from textiles found in the Pyramids to modern aniline dyes.

Gale Warnings: The Shipping Forecast for
Wednesday 1st January 2014  by Barbara Greene

Barbara Greene -
Gale Warnings: The Shipping Forecast
for Wednesday 1st January 2014

Gale Warnings: The Shipping Forecast for Wednesday 1st January 2014 is part of AMBruno's Lists etc. collection. Romantic, evocative, informative, repetitive, descriptive, hypnotic, poetic, eccentric, a litany, a lullaby... the shipping forecast has iconic status among listeners, many not connected with the sea. Actual listings for New Year's Day together with regional map sections and listings of symbols taken from maritime information understood by navigators. Edition of 4. Screenprint, surface print and photocopy.

Siege by Barbara Greene

Barbara Greene - Siege (2013)

Siege is part of AMBruno's I'm telling you stories. Trust me collection of limited edition prints. Medieval castles are associated with Gothic romantic fairy tales. This image shows the inner courtyard of Skipton Castle in North Yorkshire, where Lady Anne Clifford and her supporters held out against Oliver Cromwell and his roundheads for three years in horrific conditions. Digital and screenprint.

WARP by Barbara Greene

Barbara Greene - WARP (2013)

WARP is part of AMBruno's Lines collection. Bradford Technical College was set up in 1903 to teach the understanding of weave machinery and to create designs for the textile industry. The inspiration for WARP came from the patterns made by hundreds of warp ends when threaded up on an industrial loom. Edition of 5. Screen print and blind embossing.

S16 by Barbara Greene

Barbara Greene - S16 (2013)

S16 is part of AMBruno's 16 collection. S16 is the chemical number for the element Sulphur in the Periodic Table. This book is a mixture of the properties and uses of sulphur both as an alchemical magical element in the middle ages (sulphur and brimstone in the Bible) and as it is known today, that is, as an element essential for all life. Edition of 5. Mixed hand print techniques, principally screen print, drypoint, monoprint and stamp. Japanese stab bound.

Proof by Barbara Greene

Barbara Greene - Proof (2013)

Proof is part of AMbruno's One-Fold Books collection. 'Proof' refers to a mathematical method of hypothesising the presence of black holes within galaxies. This image is a silkscreeen print of a part of the Milky Way galaxy, overlaid with the relevant accurate equation. Edition of 10. Screenprint on Somerset paper.

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